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Art I Love: William S. Rice


I love going to art museums! While my favorite style is modern art, many artists inspire me. My husband and I visited the Crocker Art Museum while we lived near Sacramento, California and I was surprised by the variety of art they had on display. Ceramics, European paintings, African, Asian and Oceanic Art, not to mention the beautiful Crocker Mansion that is adjacent to the museum. One of the temporary galleries was devoted to California artists. Here is where I met my newest obsession: William S. Rice.


Rice is known for his woodblock prints and his association with the Arts and Crafts Movement in California. While he grew up and attended art school in Pennsylvania, he relocated to Stockton, California in 1900 and then to Oakland in 1910 where he taught at the California College of Arts and Crafts. He soon began exploring the beauty California has to offer: Yosemite, Tahoe and Monterey. After he was introduced to Japanese woodblock art, he modified the technique and had his first exhibition in 1918.


When I saw his work in the gallery at Crocker, I was drawn to the contrast and vivid colors he used. I love the dark black and the hand-sketched feel to his pieces. The subject matter didn't hurt either as I too fell in love with the beauty of California while I lived there.


Pictured above: Yosemite At Night, Guardians Of The Timberline, Italian Fishing Boats, & Sea by William S. Rice; Source: www.wikipedia.org

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