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The New Wedding Guest Book

Exquisite Insights

It seems as if each wedding I attend benefits from the rise of Pinterest a little more than the last. Brides are able to put their creative spin on every aspect: the programs, the centerpieces, the seating chart, the bouquets, and of course, the guest book. Guest books have become much more personal than the typical sign-your-name-in-a-memory-book style that was standard for generations. Even when I got married 5 years ago, I hadn't even thought that there could be a more unique solution.

One guest book idea is a wish tree, where guests write a wish to the bride & groom on little tags and then hang them on a tree. Another idea is to have each guest stamp their thumbprint on a canvas and then sign their name beside it. Both of these ideas give the bride & groom a nice keepsake, or a piece of artwork to hang in their home.


I have another idea to add to the mix: a wedding guest box! Each guest can write a wish or piece of advice on a note card, and slip it in a beautifully engraved bamboo box. The bride & groom will have a personalized keepsake, filled with advice from family and friends.


Have you ever had trouble coming up with a wish or marriage advice when you're on the spot? I have! To help the guest come up with something meaningful to write, I include a 5"x7" sign that gives topic suggestions such as: Vacation Spots, Date Night Activities, Hobbies for 2, Marriage Advice, Parenting Tips and Budgeting Suggestions. I also include a set of dividers with the same titles so the bride & groom can organize the wishes accordingly.


I hope you like my new guest books! I've been using my most popular recipe box designs to start with, but I have a few new designs in mind that I will show you soon.

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