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A new design: Skeleton Keys

Exquisite Insights


You may have noticed that antique, skeleton keys are popping up everywhere! Vintage wedding themes are on trend and these little beauties are making a comeback. It's not just limited to weddings though, I spied them in World Market the other day amid picture frames and wall decor!

A little history lesson for you (at least my best interpretation of it): The term "skeleton key" is often misused to describe any antique key. A more correct term is a lever lock key which was usually made of bronze and used for cabinets and doors in Colonial America. A true skeleton key is indeed a key with a long shank and a small bit, but the term was used when the key was simple enough that it could open many different locks, rather than being made to open just one lock; similar to a master key of today.

For those of you planning a vintage wedding, I do hope you enjoy my newest wedding guest book design! Thank you to my inlaws for letting me borrow some keys for the photo shoot. :-)


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