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Meet Amanda

I am Amanda Hickernell, the owner and designer behind Exquisite Inks. I'm a native Texan but now live in Seattle with my husband, two daughters and two golden retrievers, Harry & Sally.

I’ve always enjoyed crafting and scrapbooking and I became a graphic designer because it was a perfect blend of creativity and technology. During college, I studied art and architecture and have had the privilege of seeing many great pieces in person. I love Frank Stella's modern art, and I have a great appreciation for Renzo Piano's architecture. After college, I worked for several years at a small printing press, where I learned how to translate my digital designs into something tangible. My recipe boxes give me the opportunity to combine several art forms: illustration, digital printing & laser engraving.

I've been selling my products here and on Etsy for the past 9 years. It has been a privilege to work with my customers in creating a unique gift for a loved one. In fact, several of my designs were created because of a customer suggestion! I hope you enjoy my designs and products and I look forward to making something unique for you!
~ Amanda Hickernell

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a new design, please send me an email.  PO Box 47014, Seattle, WA 98146