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Precious Memories Are Handwritten

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handwritten recipe card from grandfather 

In the age of Pinterest, recipe apps, smartphones and iPads, why is a recipe box still valuable? In my opinion, it's because a recipe box holds memories. When I went off to college, my Mom and Nana wrote down our most beloved recipes so I could attempt to make them. A recipe for French Silk Chocolate Pie from my Nana, and a recipe for Blueberry Coffee Cake that my Mom made for my birthday breakfast every year. My grandfather also added one in: a recipe for Caesar Salad Dressing. He didn't cook, but somewhere along the way he decided that making the Caesar Salad Dressing was his specialty. I saw him make it many times right before family dinners and I often got to help with the croutons! Now that he has passed, it makes his handwritten recipe card even more precious. So what memories are being held in your recipe box?

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