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Family Memory Boxes

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How do you record the precious moments of your family's history? Scrapbooks are a great place for pictures of your vacations, family reunions, graduations and holidays, but what about all the other moments you want to cherish?

My mother-in-law has been saving her calendars for years with the intention of creating a Family Almanac. She envisioned a box that would hold one notecard for every day of the year. On each card, she would write down events - big & small - that happened on that day in her family's history. As she gathered her materials, she asked if I could provide a box, engraved with the family name on top. I immediately accepted the challenge and came up with 3 designs!


The memory box should be prominently displayed in your home and easily accessible so that you can quickly grab today's card and record the day's events. It's a place to record your child's first band concert, or the day they kicked the winning goal, or the day they got their braces off. Be sure to write down family vacations, weddings you attend, and museums you visit. Anything and everything. As your family grows up, you can pull out the day's card and take a stroll down memory lane.

These family memory boxes also make a good wedding gift or baby shower gift. A place for the bride & groom to write down all their adventures as a married couple. A place for a new mom to write down the little one's milestones: first smile, first word, first step.

I hope you enjoy my new family memory boxes!

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