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Modern Art + Architecture @ LACMA

Exquisite Insights


A few weeks ago, my mom and I attended a wedding down in Los Angeles. While we were there, we visited LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). From the moment we arrived on campus, I loved it! The layout of the buildings was inviting and I liked the mix of white building materials with red pipes and green palm trees. I also liked Urban Light (Chris Burden), an outdoor sculpture consisting of 202 antique street lamps.

My favorite art period is modern art. I especially like artists that use over-sized canvases, organic shapes and bold, contrasting colors. I feel as though I want to dive into the artwork and explore them. Modern artists aren't afraid of white space either which is a concept I often try to coax onto my design clients. As we wandered through the modern art pavilion, my mom kept saying "I just don't get it". It's okay mom, I know it looks like something a 5 year old could do, but I like it! 


Two pieces in particular caught my eye: Unfurled Series: Beta Ro, by Morris Louis (left) and La Gerbe, by Henri Matisse (right). The Matisse really surprised me! It is a far cry from fauvism and I like the style he developed later in his life. He was experimenting with large paper cut-outs at the time, which was replicated on ceramic tile for this particular piece. Intriguing!

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