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The Recipe Box at Point Sur Lighthouse


My mom came to visit not long ago, and since she is a fan of lighthouses, we went on a tour of the Point Sur Light Station. It's located on Highway 1 near Big Sur, south of Monterey. Point Sur was established in 1889 and automated in 1972. It is now part of Point Sur Historic Park and is still used as a navigational aid today.


They're in the process of restoring the light station and they've tackled quite a bit already! The lighthouse keeper's house was restored to what it may have looked like in the 1950s. It was fun seeing the wooden toys in the boys' bedroom, the hat boxes in the master bedroom, and the giant stereo cabinet in the living room. In the kitchen, I found my favorite part: a 1950s recipe box!


I was tickled to see it next to the old cookbooks and stove. As I looked around the kitchen, I was mesmerized by the crocheted pot holders, formica table, and the labels on the spice bottles. I noticed that while our pots & pans have improved, and our kitchen decor has changed quite a bit, most of the items in our kitchen have actually stayed the same over the last 50 years. It made me wonder what it will look like in 2050.

Like many of us, I tend to use my iPad when cooking new recipes I find on Pinterest, but my recipe box is still a treasured part of my kitchen. One of my favorite recipes is for caesar salad dressing. My grandfather used to make it for special occasions and I remember fondly helping him with the croutons! Now that is gone, I treasure the recipe card because it is one of the few things I have in his handwriting. I hope recipe boxes don't go away completely. I will treasure mine, with recipes from my mom, grandma, family & friends, for the rest of my life.

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